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External Catheter & Leg Bag


This unit is an external catheter made of silicon that fits over the penis like a condom with a tube that extends to allow urine to flow into an attached leg bag. The leg bag can then be emptied through an attached valve.  Inside the condom portion is an adhesive that helps to prevent slippage and leaking.  This external catheter may be used for up to 24 hours then must be discarded.  The leg bag may be used for up to 15 days if cleaned frequently. 

When using this unit a skin shield may be helpful to protect the skin and prevent irritation.  The skin shield can be applied with a packaged wipe that contains a liquid skin barrier that dries to a tacky film.  This protects the integrity of the skin and washes off easily.  It is applied directly to the penis before wearing the external condom catheter.

External Catheter & Leg Bag External Catheter & Leg Bag

If you hate leg bags, Better Pant is an option for you.

The unit can easily attach to a bedside bag for extra capacity, up to 2000ml or over 65 ounces.

Condom Catheter

Main Features & Drawbacks



  • Freedom from indwelling catheters
  • Freedom from clamps and diapers
  • Improved skin integrity
  • Made of silicon
  • Does not contain latex.

Estimated Annual Cost Cost Cost After Insurance
Annual Cost  (30 Inviews plus 2 Leg Bags per month) $1,050/yr    $ 139/yr

** Assumes Medicare plus Supplemental  – Other insurance may pay different amounts


More Information

When is a condom catheter right for you?

  • When you don’t want to use an indwelling catheter
  • When you dislike wearing diapers or absorbents
  • When you are experiencing skin breakdown
  • When you dislike using clamps
  • When you want to experience the freedom of an active lifestyle

What might prevent a condom catheter from working for you?

  • If you can not tolerate or dislike using adhesives
  • If you dislike wearing a leg bag

Features of the Inview Condom Catheters Sold by UroDry:

  • Latex Free – Clear latex free material allows for visualization of the skin.
  • Secure – An adhesive can provide for less slipping and leaking. Also available  with an additional 70% adhesion.
  • Kink Resistant – Helps maintain flowing of urine without backup.
  • 24 Hour Wear Time – Designed to be replaced every 24 hours. A break in usage is recommended each day.
  • Part of System – The condom catheter, tubing, and leg bag comprise a complete system.

Learning Curve

Like any other durable medical equipment it may take a period of time to learn to use your condom catheter.  We have knowledgeable, friendly support staff to help you through every step of the process.  With your condom catheter you will receive clear instructions for use.  Never hesitate to call.  We are here to help you succeed.

Will my insurance cover condom catheters?

UroDry will bill Medicare or your primary insurance for you, when you choose our regular savings plan.

Should I use other products with my new
external condom catheter ?

Break Every 24 Hours – Because the condom portion creates a seal between the silicon and the penis, moisture may build up in the skin. To avoid skin irritation you’ll need to remove the external condom catheter for some period of time every 24 hours.  Some men require only 1 hour of air time each day, while others may need more. During this time a disposable absorbent brief or underwear is an excellent option.